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How to have a family vacation on a budget.

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How to have a family vacation on a budget

By Gareth Johnson via Medium.

You can have an unforgettable experience without spending big.

To be able to travel together as a family is incredibly important. It’s these shared experiences that create those memories that you’ll treasure for ever — the good times, the sights seen, the foods eaten, and even the disasters and travel catastrophes all form an important common reference point for the members of your family, creating stories that you’ll share and remind each other of for years to come.

However family vacations can be a bit expensive — especially when your children become old enough that you have to pay full fare for them on flights.

There are only so many times that you can put up a tent in the backyard and pretend that it counts as an adventure, so in this article we wanted to share with you some of our insights on how to make your travel dollars go further, with a few hints and tips and a bit of guidance on how to have a family vacation on a budget.


One of the biggest expenses with any family holiday is the transport. If you can drive to your destination that’s great, but more often than not the only way to get there is to fly.

There are lots of different techniques for trying to find the cheapest flights, such as standby tickets or last-minute sales, but one of the challenges with family vacations is that you really need to be able to plan ahead for them.

Most likely you’re going to want to be travelling in the school holidays when flights are often fully booked and the discounted tickets are not available.

The best strategy is to consider booking flights in advance to get the best deal. This gives you certainty of your travel dates, gives you the best price available at that time, and enables you to start planning the rest of your vacation.


Family-style accommodation can be quite difficult to find, but it’s worth doing some research to find the best option for your family. If your preferred hotel isn’t able to offer a family room, they might be able to give you adjoining rooms, a triple room, or add extra beds to the room.

Self-contained apartments are a great option for families — not only does it give you some flexibility in relation to the sleeping arrangements, but you’ll also save money by being able to prepare some of your own meals.


One of the big expenses that is hard to budget for is the day-to-day expenses that you’ll encounter during your vacation. If you choose somewhere like a theme park, then there are a lot more things for you to spend your money on — such as ride tickets, snacks, ice-creams, and souvenirs.

However, if you opt for a vacation that’s more focused on trekking or cycling or swimming, then there are less opportunities to buy things, which means less calls on your hard-earned dollars.

Family vacations are worth saving up for, they’re worth making sacrifices for. Even if you can only manage one family vacation each year, even if it’s only for a couple of days, it will be time and money well spent because it create shared experiences that you’ll all cherish forever.

TDG NOTE: And at the end of the day if busy lifestyle are getting in the way of your planning of your family holiday, give us a call. We can do it all for you and all you’ll need to do is start packing.


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