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Duty of Care - Crisis Assistance Plus for Group, Corporate and Personal Travel

No doubt the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a global health problem, but the pandemic has escalated into a logistics nightmare that has complicated the way we go about our day to day life and business.

But life doesn’t stop, despite the hysteria. In a time of bushfires, unexpected natural disasters and virus breakouts, peace of mind and security are at the top of the priority list for most of us.

Travel Design Group is one trailblazing Australian travel management company offering a solution for your individual or group travel safety concerns and diligently helps travellers navigate their way through a time of uncertainty and to reduce exposure to your risk, wherever that be for business travel or pleasure around the globe.

The company’s robust Duty of Care process is the best in the business and one of the reasons why is because TDG is the only travel management company in Australia offering Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP™), the most comprehensive travel assistance membership program in the corporate travel management, group travel and leisure travel markets.

“The exclusive benefits of CAP means we are a global leader in the case of robust Duty of Care programs for travelling employees,” Travel Design Group Director, Robert Nangle, says of the exclusive TDG offering.

“It’s an end-to-end, comprehensive travel risk management program that sits head and shoulders above the rest. We’re proud of the distinct points of difference we offer in this area”

For individuals, businesses, groups and schools travelling domestically or overseas, TDG places great importance in offering CAP™ which provides members with fully funded coverage for 14 medical assistance benefits and 10 security-related travel risks, including pandemics. This comes as a perfect add on for individuals, families and organisations as CAP™ benefits don’t require out-of-pocket expenses to the traveller nor an up-charge to the company.


Duty of Care - Crisis Assistance Plus for Group, Corporate and Personal Travel

Duty of Care – Crisis Assistance Plus for Group, Corporate and Personal Travel

Apart from being a fully-funded worldwide assistance service with no hard loss triggers, CAP™ travel assistance benefits include:            

  • Response to Natural Disasters
  • Response to Political Threats
  • Response to Terrorism
  • Response to Criminal Violence
  • Disappearance – Search & Rescue
  • Blackmail and Extortion Resolution
  • Hi-Jacking Resolution
  • Wrongful Detention Resolution
  • Government Trigger Not Needed for Security Evacuation
  • Medical Evacuation Back to Home Hospital of Choice
  • Pandemic

CAP™ can also be reached 24/7 to provide advice and if necessary, offer coordinated, in-country assistance to resolve the crisis at hand – without the financial burden that comes with responding to travel-related crises.

Mr Nangle shares three core ideas that directs TDG’s commitment to peace of mind and traveller safety, saying that it is all about putting a traveller’s interest at the forefront of travel planning.

“Three simple steps play a crucial part in offering you serious peace of mind,” Mr Nangle says. “Firstly, you are always informed with access to global travel alerts so you can ‘know before you go’. Secondly, the advice is on call, 24-7, with access to consultants and translators to assist you through any crisis, anywhere.

“And thirdly, the assistance is first class with global rescue and dedicated resolution specialists when you need it most,” Mr Nangle adds.

With client safety and well-being as TDG’s prime motivation, CAP™ is part of an ensemble that completes TDG’s robust Duty of Care portfolio which also features yearly company travel insurance policies and more. We combine active troubleshooting, enthusiastic travel managers, innovative technology and longstanding industry experience and know-how to not only make your trip enjoyable but also to keep you safe especially in the current travel climate.

“You don’t have to choose between price, technology, and safety because we believe that you deserve quality service and absolute peace of mind,” Mr Nangle says.

To learn more about CAP™ and TDG’s Duty of Care offerings for your upcoming holiday, business trip or group travel plans, call TDG at 1300 360 809, or send us a message online. 




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