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Covid-19 Travel Alerts

Corporate, Leisure, Groups and Event Travel Management


Now more than ever, you need a reliable Australian travel agent to help you.

As a local Australian travel agent, our team of passionate travel consultants are here to fully support and help you in your safe travels during this period of uncertainties. The COVID-19 pandemic will pass. Until then, the global travel scenario will continue to change daily, and we promise you we will be by your side throughout the journeys you need to take during this time.

COVID-19 Travel Alerts

Travel Design Group is a responsible, qualified, and accredited travel agent. Our professional travel advisors will always:

1. Only use and refer you to credible sources of information with expert and reasoned advice.

2. Have the most up-to-date information from travel suppliers, airlines, insurers and other members of the travel industry you need to get you where you’re going and get you home safely.

3. Pick up the phone. Or return your email.

4. Remain compliant with legal responsibilities, which in some places include disclosing conditions that may influence your decision to purchase, or advising you of changing travel conditions.

5. Use best practices to protect your safety, your health, your investment, and your peace of mind.

Restarting Business Travel

How is COVID-19 changing business travel? From new rules, documentations and immigration procedures, our step by step guide will help your organisation navigate through new complexities to look out for in travel including the duty of care and travel risk management.



See what a Covid safe flying domestic passenger journey protocol looks like now. 

The Australian aviation industry has developed Domestic Passenger Journey Protocols. These safe travel protocols provide clear and consistent guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in domestic airports and on aircraft.

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Covid-19 travel alerts, Covid-19 Travel Alerts


Travellers entering Australia are required to quarantine for 14 days.

Trying to get home or have an urgent matter to attend to in Australia or overseas? We can help you. We’ve been assisting our clients design a safe trip with flights, border security requirements and self isolation arrangements. Live chat with our consultant now online. You don’t have to go through it on your own. 

Policies & Safety Measures

While we provide you with links and easy reference to airline, hotel and transport policies and safety measure, rest assure we are here for you. 
Travel Design Group’s expert travel managers are on-hand to assist customers with current changes and restrictions in travel. We have the best knowledge of new travel rules, direct contacts with suppliers and can provide you the safety net during these uncertain times. 


Airline Policies

Many countries around the world have imposed some sort of travel and immigration restriction to help manage the spread of COVID-19. We will help you navigate your journey as safely and accessibly as possible.
Please note this is a rapidly changing situation affecting both International and Domestic operations.


Hotel hygiene & contactless measures

At Travel Design Group we want you to travel with confidence and in comfort.
Covid-19 means a change to the way we travel; we will have new considerations and requirements when booking accommodation. Many hotels have updated their cleaning policies and are now actioning Covid Safe plans.


Ground Transport Safety & Compliance

From ride share to taxis and hire companies, corporate travellers can expect new procedures when utilising these services to ensure safety and compliance with government regulations.


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Duty of Care

At Travel Design Group, your safety is our top priority. Our Duty of Care process is one of the most comprehensive. We bring your travel risk exposure to as close as zero as possible. 

24/7 Crisis Assistance – provides members with fully funded coverage for 14 medical assistance benefits and 10 security-related travel risks, including Acts of God, terrorism and pandemic.

✔ Travel risk assessments
✔ After hours and Global Travel Assistance


Please note this lists presented on this page is not exhaustive and is provided to assist our customers at this time of disruption. Information is subject to change without notice at the discretion of airlines. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation and the airlines’ response to it, Travel Design Group cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in these sites and cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions.

Let us help you with your essential travel. 

For a safe travel, don’t leave it to chance. We will be with you every step of the way.