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How to avoid getting sick on long haul flights.

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How to avoid getting sick on long haul flights.

Flying for holiday or for business can be incredibly taxing on the body as you deal with jetlag as well as sucking in the recycled air that is flowing around the cabin.

No matter what your reason for travel the last time you want to get sick is when you arrive at your destination. Here are some tips to avoid getting sick on your long haul flight so you will begin your journey refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Always wear shoes when you use the restroom:

If you wouldn’t dream of going into a public toilet in your barefoot or in socks then this should go double for an airplane. With all the turbulence and unsteadiness of flying there is quite a chance that some matter will end up on the floor. People are also using the bathroom to vomit and again particles can go on the floor. If your feel swell when you fly think about packing a pair of thongs or shower shoes that you can easily slip on your feet for a bathroom break.

Avoid plane water at all cost:
When washing your hands in the bathrooms you would be better using a hand sanitizer rather than the water than comes from the tap. Avoid ordering tea and coffee as the brew on board does not reach temperatures that are hot enough to be able to kill of the bacteria that can be present in the water.

Keep your ventilation vent open:
While the air vents blowing breezy air on you can be a little unpleasant it is actually doing the job of filtering bacteria and viruses. Keeping your air vent open is also helping to blow other people’s germs away from you, a great way to avoid getting sick.

Skip the alcohol and double the water:
Being hydrated is a great start to feeling healthy! Dehydration leads to headaches and dry nose and throat and the best way to defend against this is plenty of (bottled) water. Drinking alcohol on a flight will only increase your dehydration levels and will result in your arriving at your destination feeling sluggish.

Start your trip with a boosted immune system:
Working yourself to the bone and starting your trip already feeling run down and sleep deprived is a bad idea. Your sleep on the flight is never going to be great so to start your journey already well rested is a great place to start. Taking some multi vitamins leading up to your trip can also help boost your immunity and help you to ward off germs and colds.

Bend and stretch and walk around:
Not only is there the typical colds and germs that can slow you down when you begin your journey but a sore back or tight neck is also going to put a dampen on your trip. Getting up every hour and walking up and down the aisle and doing a few stretches can go a long way to help you arrive feeling fresh.


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