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How Incentive Travel  Serves Your Business

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Business Travel Incentive

Every now and then, your lean, mean, working machine of a team needs a well-deserved reward. After all, more than just reaching your trade’s goals, business is also about making sure that you have a remarkable and rich talent pool that you can depend on to keep things up and running. While keeping everyone happy takes a lot of effort and will entail a bit of shelling out, let’s face it. You just cannot afford an uninspired team. 

So, it really does pay to go the extra mile– figuratively and literally. And among other benefits, incentive travel is actually the gift that keeps on giving not only for talents but also for businesses. In fact, incentive travel performs this balancing act best. 

In a May 2019 study by the Incentive Research Foundation, incentive travel is dubbed as “the ultimate reward”. 

While they can be expensive and quite difficult to put together, travel incentives offer an enormous impact from an experiential perspective. 

In fact, research from 2018, 2017, and even from the 1970s, cite amazing benefits and returns on travel investments. Why? Because it works. And here’s how 

Great Motivation 

Everyone has a little more spring in their step when they have something to look forward to. In the same manner, members perform better when offered with awesome benefits. Not only does the awaiting adventure sound attractive, but the reward itself encourages and motivates them to not only reach goals but also exceed their targets. With incentive travel in the picture, activity and morale go hand in hand– ultimately leading to a more productive and driven working environment. 

Forges Loyalty and Relationships 

A 2011 study gathers that “nearly 95 percent of employees who report being happiest at work say that their managers excel at giving feedback and recognition”.  As you recognise members, not only do you earn their quality service, but you also win over their appreciation and most of all, their trust. As employees observe how their exceptional work is paying off in different levels, a stronger sense of loyalty for the business is formed. Going the extra mile for the team makes them want to meet you halfway. As they make memories together through incentive travel, a sense of unity and teamwork is built among employees as well, which manifests itself into effective communication and work dynamics. 

Business Travel Incentive

Generates Appeal 

Nothing quite says you’re being well-taken care of than perks and privileges. The way you take care of your members says a lot about your business’ trajectory. Not only does incentive travel allow you to keep your best team players, it is also an avenue to attract even more candidates who can help your business grow. Apart from the usual and non-negotiable benefits, rewards like travel incentives show how much you value your team members and therefore not only retains your hard-working staff, but invites like-minded people as well. 

Recalibrates and Recharges 

No one should overlook the power of experience. While cash incentives are popular, travelling is something most people look forward to the most. We tend to classify cash as practical, even utilitarian, saved for the mundane offerings of life. Whereas, experiential gifts like incentive travel are much more social and emotional.  

Whether it’s exploring the city or embracing nature, a travel experience on their own or with a group gives employees a sense of refreshment. Not everyone has the time or cash to book regular holidays that are not only fun but also full of learnings, and so incentive travel for the team gives them a moment to decompress and come back to work not only happier and with more memories but also healthier and with more energy.  

Worth the Investment 

Sure, taking the team on a holiday requires expenses but so does everything else. Incentive travel not only takes care of your current work dynamic, but it also paints a picture of your future environment. Incentive travel is a cost-effective reward, and not at all like a one-time expense. Incentive travel works for you because your employees will not only be motivated to do well before the trip but they will also be delivering well and outdoing themselves after the experience, reciprocating with effort and performance. As productivity grows, so does your sales and ultimately, so does your business. The IRF warns that over-emphasis on cash rewards “may cost companies much more than they expect” in the long run. 

Available for Everyone 

Each incentive trip is a worthwhile experience that’s readily available for all sorts of businesses. Any budget will find the appropriate experience for any team no matter how big or small. Since you know your team best, anything goes. Travel incentive is actually a flexible and agreeable reward that provides experience and excitement fitting of the budget and the occasion. 

With these benefits in mind, you’re going to need an incentive travel program that achieves these results for you. At Travel Design Group, no incentive trip is too big or too small for us to put together. Apart from meeting all budget requirements, TDG takes pleasure in providing an unforgettable trip for each and every passionate staff member whether through a resort-style experience in Fiji, a cultural experience in Thailand or Vietnam, or an adventure style experience in New Zealand. 

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us +61 396 862 555/1 300 360 809 to learn more. Our consultants are more than happy to assist you in implementing an incentive travel program that aligns with your company’s values and risk management processes. From destinations, travel bookings, logistics, to post-event management and more, TDG has got you covered. 


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