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10 intimidating destinations you can still visit

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intimidating destinations

Sometimes certain destination can seem a little daunting. With the right travel assistance to help with planning a trip to an intimidating destination can turn around to look alluring.

Have you ever rounded a street corner in Valletta and run into window-smashing protestors angry about a visiting British warship carrying nuclear weapons? Set forth from your hotel in central Lima to buy toothpaste only to find the square outside occupied by tanks? Enjoyed breakfast in Bangkok even as you read in the newspaper about another army coup?

In a recent article we read in the Traveller, it highlighted 10 countries worth visiting even though it has some less inviting impressions.

The countries include:

  • Iran – is relentlessly portrayed as a rogue state, rife with political unrest and full of religious fanatics with a particular hatred of Westerners.
  • Romania – Communist-era images of Ceausescu’s excesses and badly treated orphans linger. A new reputation for supposedly exporting pickpockets across Europe is widespread.
  • Colombia – Guerrillas, kidnappers and narco-traffickers give Colombian a dark reputation as a country seemingly on the verge of failure.
  • Sicily – It’s hard to shake off images of The Godfather. This Italian island is famous for the Mafia and assumed to be crime-ridden and unpleasant.
  • India – Tumultuous crowds, strange religious practices, stomach-churning food, heat and dust, dung-splattering cows, unaccountable bureaucracy and glorious efficiency.
  • Russia – Is there a good word about Russia in the news? You’d think this was an entire country of skinheads, gay-bashers and obnoxious oligarchs.
  • China – Human-rights abuses, political machinations, urban pollution, environmental degradation, dodgy businesses, shonky goods: who doesn’t love a bit of China-bashing?
  • Mexico – Banditry, kidnappings, open warfare between rival drug cartels and the mutterings of Donald Trump does little to promote Mexico.
  • Ethiopia -hasn’t quite shaken off its 1980s (and Band-Aid) reputation as a drought-ridden country suffering terrible famine.
  • Antarctica – is seen as frigid, distant, dangerous and the nemesis of many an explorer.

*quoted from Traveller

Read more: http://www.traveller.com.au/ten-intimidating-destinations-that-are-surprisingly-easy-to-visit-h12tdm#ixzz5LxioxJyA


Yet these intimidating destinations continue to fascinate and be ever so alluring for the outgoing traveller. From ancient monuments to eye-popping bazaars and landscapes, there is certainly plenty to enjoy.

Ready to reconsider? Then pack your bags and your common sense, contact your travel agent, and you’ll certainly enjoy these 10 outstanding travel destinations mentioned in the article. Good travel agencies like Travel Design Group will have the experience and in-depth knowledge to assist travellers in creating a safe trip. In fact, as part of the agency’s client care commitment, TDG has services to get you out of these sticky situations if they occur! In cases of a crisis, you want to make sure your travel agent can quickly help resolve the problem at hand. Crisis Assistance Plus, offered to TDG’s clients, provides members with fully funded coverage for 14 medical help benefits and 10 security-related travel risks, including Acts of God, terrorism and pandemic, and doesn’t require out-of-pocket expenses to the traveller nor an up-charge to the company.

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