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Cruise Holidays

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Cruising is a great way to see the world

Interest in cruise holidays is soaring. It offers great value, multiple destinations and you only need to unpack once! Whether you want big cities, Antarctic adventures or small riverside villages, there is a cruise to suit everyone, and every budget. Once you catch the cruising bug, you’ll want to see the entire world by boat.

In a world impacted by COVID-19, we can be assured that changes to the cruise industry will be introduced to ensure the safety of passengers. Experts predict temperature checks, deep sanitation before, during and after and perhaps medical screening prior to disembarking. 

Don’t let your voyager wait. Open up your travel options with our easy interest-free payment solutions. TDG can also help you redeem your American Express membership reward points for your cruise holiday.



Ocean cruises are a majestic way to travel. Visit multiple destinations from the comfort of your floating hotel. Explore countries and cultures through port stops and enjoy the finest in on-board luxury entertainment. Cruising is a lifestyle; many activities and meals are included and life long friendships are forged on-board.

Combine the glamour and allure of a cruise ship with the wide expanse of the ocean and you have the makings for a memorable holiday. The team at Travel Design Group are cruise experts and take great delight in finding the right cruise for each traveller. Jump on board with one of our favourite cruises:

– Antarctica and the South Pole
– Mediterranean, Europe
– Fjords of Norway
– Transatlantic Crossing


River and Canal Cruising offers a great way to explore smaller cities and ports and day sailing provides wonderful landscapes. The convenience of docking on a smaller vessel is that you can simply walk straight off the port and into the town, leaving you more time to explore.

These cruises offer great value for money with many off-shore excursions included in the price. If you’ve avoided cruises because of motion sickness, a river or canal cruise is the answer, no waves mean no sea sickness. Some of the most memorable cruises we love include:

– The Kimberley, Australia, for natural beauty
– Rhine River, Germany, for castles, battlefields, and medieval history
– Volga, Russia, for folklore and outstanding buildings
– France, for gastronomic adventures

Cruise terminal off airport check-in

Travelling with a group? Did you know, we can help you organise an off airport check-in at the cruise terminal through our partner, Oacis?
That’s right! You don’t have to drag your luggage across town while waiting for your connecting flight. Check in and drop off your bags at the cruise terminal and enjoy more freedom.

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