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CASE STUDY: Managing corporate essential travel during COVID-19

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Essential Travel


A Travel Design Group client, currently residing in the Vatican City, was due to be ordained in Bendigo just outside of Melbourne in September this year.  The global coronavirus pandemic means that booking international travel would not be as straight forward as it once was.


The expert consultants at Travel Design jumped into first gear. Travel Design Group have an extensive Duty of Care policy and are committed to the priority of safe travels.  Faced with new travel requirements, reduced flight routes and uncertain quarantine procedures on arrival, the TDG team worked closely with our client to find the safest and most practicable route to Melbourne. Arrival into Melbourne would not be possible due to stage four lockdown restrictions.

  • Identify if the client was able to be guaranteed an exemption to travel
  • Make informed decisions about route and the required quarantine period
  • Ascertain what passport, visa documents and supporting material would be required for the client to enter Australia
  • Provide no less than five varying itineraries with the least disruption
  • Maintain clear, concise, and true communication regarding quarantine and personal requirements for travel
  • Work within the budget given by the client


The client was extremely satisfied with the service of Travel Design Group, with our travel managers striving to go above and beyond. The client selected one of the flights recommended by our consultants and tickets were issued. Due to several reasons a joint decision, in conjunction with the administrators, was made to defer the trip to a later stage.

Testimonial from client

Travel Design Group is part of our Team. During COVID-19 restrictions, they have worked tirelessly to help us get people in and out of Australia, despite border lockdowns, airline cancellations and so on. They think beyond flights, remind us of visa requirements and travel options within a place. TDG agents are collegial and collaborative. They work together to solve our problems with efficacy and happy to solve any after-hours problems. Thank you TDG!


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