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Don’t have time to plan a meeting?

No matter your industry, TDG has experience in helping all organisations and companies to better plan, manage, market and analyse their events and meetings. TDG offers budget management and post event feedback.


TDG’s staff offers venue sourcing; custom side-by-side proposals, saves time and money, and minimises risk.


Track all meetings and events across your organisation to increase visibility and ensure compliance with your approval processes.  You’ll also have the data needed to understand key value metrics including total spend, savings, volume, ROI, and impact on the business.

You’ll be able to manage the complete process, from collecting submissions to publishing final selections into your agenda.  Meeting organisers can be confident that they’ll deliver speakers and content that educate and inspire attendees.


Meeting planners and procurement professionals within the meetings industry today historically approach strategic sourcing from different perspectives. 

  Meeting planners are used to, and want to maintain, creative control across the sourcing process for their meetings and events. They have long-standing relationships with vendors and a good feel for the ‘intangibles’ that make a supplier the right fit for their meeting.    Procurement, on the other hand, sees meetings as a category of unmanaged spend that needs to be optimised. They see huge opportunity in meeting and event spend as an area to quickly achieve cost savings by implementing standard procurement practices to the sourcing of events and meetings.

Meeting managment platform.

TDG’s Meeting Management Platform allows procurement to implement their guidelines and standard procedures while allowing meeting planners to remain part of the sourcing process and maintain their industry relationships.

The solution tracks all sent RFPs and awarded business to provide procurement with visibility into sourcing activity and to help leverage negotiating power with suppliers in the future. TDG’s supplier network helps companies implement a strategic sourcing program for meeting venues and suppliers. Organisers are able to track total meeting volume at the property, chain, or brand level to leverage total business during negotiations and reduce costs. They can also promote the use of preferred vendors by highlighting them in venue searches or biasing the results to display preferred venues at the top of search results. Other highlights from TDG’s tools include reducing legal involvement and time spent in contract negotiations by automatically attaching standard Terms and Conditions to all RFPs. Organisers can eliminate favouritism in the event sourcing process by sending an RFP to multiple suppliers at once and tracking all responses in an auditable system as well as copying or sending RFPs directly to your national sales office (NSO) and other personal venue contacts in order to maintain relationships. With TDG’s tools, organisers can compare bid details side-by-side to expedite the vendor selection process and reduce manual errors by populating budget information directly from an awarded RFP into an event’s budget.

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