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Personal safety is everyone’s business!

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At one point or another, all of us could be accused of not paying attention to where we are going, what we are doing and who is around us. 9 times out of 10, this approach works just fine. However, increasingly it seems we hear about incidents of unprovoked and drug fuelled violence, scam artists taking advantage of the innocent and worse still, acts of terrorism where the motive is no longer to exchange hostages for money, but to terrify global society with graphic executions on social media!

Admittedly, the world has always had its share of violence. However, a growing population of increasingly disparate elements; our interest in travelling to all corners of the globe, and access to social media all seem to have brought concern for personal safety much closer to home. The subject challenges our usual “it won’t happen to me” approach, because we know there is no better victim than one who is complacent, unskilled and unaware.

At Delta Risk Management our aim is to change this outlook by training you to become a harder target and “the grey person” through skill development, scenario planning and heightened awareness. A hard target is someone who does not look or act like easy pickings for criminals and a “grey person” is someone who knows how to blend into the background – not the person in a bank robbery who acts like the hero, or the person who screams hysterically, but the person who is able to show a calm level of respect and perceived compliance, while gathering information, looking for patterns of behaviour and weighing up opportunities for advantage and safety.

Further, we do not run this training on the assumption that participants know nothing, but aim to draw upon the experiences and perspectives of attendees to enrich the learning experience. After all, many of you will bring insights to share through your own thoughts, work, reading, travels or recreational pursuits such as outdoor activities, the emergency services and the martial arts. In this regard, we aim to build upon your existing strengths in a respectful and engaging manner and will also help you to do the same when working in groups – there is nothing that can bring more hope to resolving a dire situation than a high performance team and nothing more dangerous than one that is dysfunctional and led by dominant egos.

We do not profess to have had trouble free or textbook lives when it comes to personal and travel safety. While we have done our share of training and time in the field, we have also done our share of learning the hard way through exposure to and avoidance of coercion, bribery, street crime, attempted abduction, car jacking, checkpoint interrogations, mobs, terror attacks and successful rescue scenarios! We look forward to sharing some of our own experiences with you in a safe, professional and highly engaging manner.


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