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CASE STUDY: Simplifying Corporate Travel for SME Client

Corporate, Leisure, Groups and Event Travel Management

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A client seeks out like-minded TMC to empower them with efficient, effective and easy corporate travel solution.


A leading Global Solutions and Project Management Company approached Travel Design Group to help them with their corporate travel management. They have offices in five Australasia countries and excels in delivering multi-faceted entertainment, audio and visual projects. Business travel is an essential part of the business. Their travel management system needed to be efficient, effective, and easy to implement.

The client explained to TDG that their previous travel agency required more and more touchpoints to execute travel bookings. The necessary administration level to book essential business travel was becoming a burden to the company.

The client set out to engage a new Travel Management Company that shared a like-minded ethos, centred on flexible and changeable models.  The client approached Travel Design Group based on the following critical criteria:

  • Flexibility

  • Product offering

  • Tailored solutions

  • After hours service

  • Customisation

  • Integrated technology solutions

  • Cost reduction


We analysed the clients’ travel patterns, reviewed its travel policy, examined their travel reporting and expense procedures. Once we gathered historical data, we worked together with the client’s HR, Procurement and Finance team to create a balanced solution that fitted their requirements.

  • Our travel manager worked with the client on robust travel policy.

  • We used our global network and strong partnership with airlines and travel suppliers to negotiate the best airfare and hotel agreements to suit their KPIs.

  • To streamline the process and reduce lost savings, we integrated our smart travel technology solutions and closed the gaps.

  • We implemented an online booking tool with set perimeters, making it easy for travellers to make bookings.

  • We also automated travel analytics for easy reporting and financial reconciliations.



Once onboarded with Travel Design Group, the client was able to get back to business, knowing that we were very much part of their team, and they had us as their travel advocates.

Our client was impressed with our ability to scale our technology, the duty of care services and reporting for an SME like them without compromising on quality or the level standards one would perceive to expect if they were a large multinational company. Above all, both TDG and our client truly respect the relationship we have built on trust by consistently keeping them informed and empowered.

Since using our services, the client has consistently achieved the following statistics:

  • 60% reduction in travel administration costs

  • 30% reduction in time spent on travel reporting and expense reporting

  • 30% reduction in time spent making travel bookings


Testimonial from client

TDG was willing to accommodate and develop to meet our needs vs “well, that is the system we have”. As we are a solutions company providing flexible and changeable models for our clients, working with a like-minded company was just what was needed.

I would absolutely recommend TDG for any company that is looking for a TMC that is proactive, willing to take on challenges and to simplify the whole travel booking experience.




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