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Pandemic travel solution, Travel Design Group

CASE STUDY: Corporate client returns safely as the pandemic loomed

Retail corporate client return safely as pandemic global travel havoc loomed Situation: Travel Design Group (TDG) love business travel and focuses on simplifying those journeys.  Recently a leading distributor of Australian cosmetic products was successfully onboarded with Travel Design Group. The company needed a travel management company that understood their business ethos and how they…
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Travel Safety: TDG leads the field with Zeno by Serko

Next time you’re back in the air, a lot will have changed – travel safety builds travel tech innovations.   Travel technology is meeting the challenges of 21st-century corporate customers head-on. The COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception. Travel safety has always been at the forefront of the industries innovations, but the unique circumstances of…
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CASE STUDY: Managing corporate essential travel during COVID-19

Situation: A Travel Design Group client, currently residing in the Vatican City, was due to be ordained in Bendigo just outside of Melbourne in September this year.  The global coronavirus pandemic means that booking international travel would not be as straight forward as it once was. Action: The expert consultants at Travel Design jumped into…
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Ground Transport, Travel Design Group

Ground Transport in a COVID-19 World

A Covid-19 new world has forced many industries to change the way they think, behave, interact and none more so than the world of travel. How will travel change? Will it still be safe to travel? We see a lot of information about proposed changes around airports, inflight service and hotels but what about ground…
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