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Travel Safety: TDG leads the field with Zeno by Serko

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Travel Safety

Next time you’re back in the air, a lot will have changed – travel safety builds travel tech innovations.


Travel technology is meeting the challenges of 21st-century corporate customers head-on. The COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception. Travel safety has always been at the forefront of the industries innovations, but the unique circumstances of a global pandemic have resulted in game-changing technological leaps. Advanced online platforms like Zeno by Serko now can deliver travellers and guests unprecedented levels of safety information about their flights and destinations.

Melbourne corporate travel agency, Travel Design Group, has a longstanding partnership with Serko and their leading-edge travel and expense management platform Zeno. Recent updates to Zeno have placed it at the forefront of smart travel technology.

In 2020, the world of corporate travel management will be dominated by a need for safety and flexibility. Events in a C-19 world can progress rapidly, and as Domestic and International travel resumes, the ability to take responsible travel safety measures will be vital. Booking flights and accommodation has never been more challenging with any number of variables suddenly at play.

Safety measures on flights are consistently updated by major airlines to face unique local circumstances at any number of destinations. Schedules can change abruptly, and it’s important to know if the accommodation can be flexible while maintaining a high standard of care. The corporate travel industry is innovating rapidly to meet the needs of safe travel in a post-pandemic world.

Whether you’re travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, Perth to Bali or Singapore to Dubai, the next time you’re back in the air, it’s likely a lot will have changed. Travel Design Group has had a hands-on engagement with the unique safety needs and concerns of clientele throughout the rapidly evolving Victorian pandemic. Their Duty of Care processes has advanced accordingly while their partnership with Zeno by Serko has allowed them to consistently improve the information and the safety processes available to their clientele.

End-to-end travel plans have become the order of the day with safety at the forefront of decisions about where to stay, how to get there and how best to get around while you’re there. Safe travel now involves far more data with closer scrutiny needed by guests for each interaction throughout a trip to ensure the well-being of themselves, their family and their colleagues.

Recent updates to the Zeno platform have focused on streamlining that data. Through Zeno, clients can see the safety precautions available on flights before they travel. Mask requirements, in-flight cleaning and disinfection processes, temperature checks and seat blocking practices for socially distanced travel can all be searched and selected as part of buying a ticket. Zeno will also have a “Free Cancellation” filter for accommodation search results, allowing travellers to identify hotel bookings that will not incur a penalty if they need to cancel their trip.

Corporate travel agents are now at the forefront of an industry-wide learning curve. With a broad array of digital innovations now at their disposal and more on the way, top agencies like Travel Design Group can implement a connected travel experience with minimal interruption and the best safety options available. Now more than ever, these agencies can provide the finest in travel support.



Travel Safety

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