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Travel Analytics

Corporate, Leisure, Groups and Event Travel Management


Travel technology intelligence used in travel analytics for better business solutions.

At Travel Design Group we understand accuracy matters. In order for sound decisions, we all require accurate data and data quality begins with information being correct at the time of input. However, it rarely is, especially when humans are involved.
For this reason, Travel Design Group place great importance in our business travel reporting technology. Here are some of our key initiatives to ensure the travel analytics we provide our clients are of high standards.

travel analytics, Travel Analytics

Practical Automation

Amadeus Robotics

TDG invested in Amadeus Robotics to run quality checks on booking elements prior to ticketing.


This customised robotic tool enforces quality controls for ticketing, reporting and data consolidation, ultimately streamlining the workflows, reduces human error.


Eliminates waiting time for issuances of documentation such as itineraries and invoices, and most importantly, enables our consultants to concentrate on providing higher value services to our clients.


Travellers and bookers can make bookings on Serko / Zeno 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with instant ticketing. This removes the need to call our After Hours team to make urgent or unexpected domestic booking outside of normal business hours, giving you the option to lower your travel fees through online booking.

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Scalable Travel Anayltics

tramada® connect BI

As a top coporate travel agency in Australia, it is important we ensure that we can adapt quickly to the myriad of reporting changes and requests our clients have. With tramada® connect BI,  your dedicated travel manager can easily build custom reports when you need them.  

As your business grows and your requirements change, TDG will utilise the flexibility of tramada connect BI to scale and grow with your business.

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Provides real time, comprehensive, accurate and flexible data directly from our back-office.


Advanced filters enable us to set more complex data selection formulas with AND / OR logic.


Calculated report fields with standard functions, case statements (WHEN/THEN/ELSE), and
customised pre-set functions.


Queries and sub queries for more complex reports, such as year-on-year comparisons, reducing the number of reports that need to be created.

travel analytics, Travel Analytics
travel analytics, Travel Analytics

Business Travel Reporting

Travel Analytics 

Travel Analytics is our user friendly and intuitive corporate travel reporting solution, designed to detect and correct errors as data is imported into the application. This means humans can continue to be humans and we can focus on delivering accurate reports for your organisation.

First and foremost, your Security is our Priority!

Travel Analytics is hosted in Australia on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. It provide row level security technology on all user accounts and enterprise token authentication (single sign-on), two factor
authentication (2FA) and forced password controls.

It also means it can provide real-time access to dynamic online reporting. 

With the click of a mouse, you can download professionally formatted reports or raw data, including customer driven reference fields for all expense categories.

Travel Analytics has always used technology innovations to improve efficiency and usability and there are lots more to come. Why not do a health check on your travel reporting today and see how it compares?

Download a checklist to find out what type of functionalities a comprehensive business travel reporting tool comprises and how does it compare to your current reporting tool.


We are ready to talk to you today about how we can improve your corporate travel reporting.

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