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Why You Need a Corporate Travel Management Agency

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Corporate Travel

Travelling in a COVID-19 World

Corporate travel for businesses had almost come to a complete stop earlier this year when the global pandemic shook our lives. And while it’s not looking like it’ll be anything like it used to be anytime soon, corporate travel is still an essential aspect of many companies’ strategy for landing prospect clients. 

Using online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams might be fine for now for some companies, but soon enough travel will be essential for large and small-medium companies. Many companies believe face-to-face meetings are crucial for building trust with clients.

So how ready is your business for post-COVID-19 travel?

You may not be sending employees overseas tomorrow, but something essential to do now is to update your travel policy. Having an updated and meticulous travel policy will ensure that when the world starts opening up again for corporate travel, your employees will be safe at all times. They will return home happy, safe and productive.


What is Corporate Travel?

Corporate travel is business-related travel organised by a company; whether it be a large or small company. It involves an employee or a group of employees leaving the office and often the city or even the country they work in to meet with clients or potential clients. Many businesses use a corporate travel agency to organise these trips, not only to make it the most cost-effective but also to ensure happy and safe travel. 

The corporate travel industry has taken a hit this year, but as we’ve seen in previous years with downturns in corporate travel after 9/11 and after the 07/08 global financial crisis, it tends to bounce back. And it will again post COVID-19. 

Corporate travel is crucial to businesses for building networks, converting prospects and also investing in employees. 

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What is Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management is a company’s business travel plan. A business travel plan will include organising and maintaining itineraries, arranging accommodation and transportation, implementing safety protocols all while complying with policies and being cost-effective. 

Organising a company’s corporate travel, whether it be for a large or small to medium business, can be a full-time job which is why it’s a good idea to consider a corporate travel management agency. 

It is essential to ensure the health and wellbeing of the travelling employee or employees; a positive employee is a productive one. Corporate travel agents are specialised in business travel and can assist in providing a safe, seamless and cost-effective travel plans.

Corporate Travel, Travel Design Group

The Benefits of Corporate Travel and Corporate Travel Agencies

There are many benefits of corporate travel. Businesses will find more success in gaining prospective clients and keeping valuable ones by having meetings in person. 

It’s not all about the customers either; the staff who experience beneficial business travel will not only feel valued but will also bring back perspective and ideas to colleagues. 

The best way to ensure that a business trip is as seamless as possible is to outsource it to a corporate travel agency like Travel Design Group (TDG). Thanks to their industry knowledge and experience, the team at TDG can assist with travel arrangements from itinerary planning, flight reservations and ticketing. Your dedicated travel manager will advise on the best fares, accommodation, private car transfers, visa and passport assistance. They will also be available for 24-hour emergency assistance as well as global risk management and alerts to ensure your employees return home safely.


Corporate travel agencies will tailor a policy to ensure the safety of travelling employees during these uncertain times. Travel Design Group will provide cost-efficient business travel, has access to the best available technology and has the best duty of care policy in place.


Cost Efficiency

Your dedicated travel manager at TDG has all the expertise and networks to assure that your business travel will be cost-effective by sourcing you the best value for money airfares using our global affiliates.TDG can assist in setting up a corporate account with select airlines for flight bookings and negotiate better fares tailored to the companies travels, destinations and travel volume. Depending on your preferred airline, TDG can assess and recommend the best possible rewards program to suit your business travel program. 

Your agent will also provide you with corporate rates for accommodation and ground transport;

consolidating hotel stays to a select group can help to increase volume and gain better corporate discounts. 



Travel Design Group is across the board on all things travel technology to simplify all travel processes. With access to the best travel technology, travel managers can maintain consistent contact with clients. 

As an example, TDG staff can set up online booking tools (OBT) for clients, suitable to their specification and company travel policy. 

Your travel manager can also help the finance team improve reconciliation on travel cost.

These online tools also help to keep staff safe through intuitive tracking and instant messaging systems.


Duty of Care

A travel management company has the expertise to share best practices for company travel policies. After working on several different travel policies, TDG has the experience to design the most suitable approach for your company. 

We also have constant connections with top suppliers in the travel space to be able to project ahead the adjustments required to move with environmental changes. 

Your corporate travel manager has first-hand access to international travel alerts, connections to people around the world and the skills to take quick action in case of any emergency. 

In these unparalleled times, it is essential to have an adequate travel policy in place. Travelling post-COVID-19 will surely be exciting, but it’s vital to implement appropriate measures to ensure the safety of travellers. 

If your company will be travelling for business post-COVID-19, contact Travel Design Group for an obligation free consultation on implementing a travel policy and re-starting business travel.




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